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About MC Harrison

I'm a small town girl who left home and went to live in the big city. Greater Miami became home for our family. As retirement loomed in the near distance, my husband and I both exchanged careers in business for the teaching vocation.


Because I had an undergraduate degree in liberal arts with advanced degrees in business and in education, I was able to launch a new career as a professor. My first position was literally at the halls of ivy, a small university with ivy covered buildings, built in stone and designed in the Gothic tradition. To those students, past and present, I wish them "carpe diem". I had followed the school motto and seized the day!


The next twelve years were spent teaching online for two well known institutions. To those students, I wish to remind them to follow their dreams. Learning has no age limits. Creativity has no bounds.


About Skeeter Maghee

Skeeter Maghee had a story to tell.  I could see that when we first met. 

How could such a sweet, good looking fellow have ended up in the dog pound at a small town in Virginia?

Once we got to know each other, Skeeter sat down at my computer and typed out his tale.

At first, I wasn't at all certain that I believed him.  But having taken care of Skeeter for 10 years I learned something about him.  Skeeter is full of tricks.

After his book became a best seller, I kept him on at the farm. Turns out he was worth his weight (42 pounds) in gold.

You'll find his story on Amazon, "Skeeter Maghee Finds a Home".

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

I am currently working on a new Christian romance set on Cape Cod.

In October 2022, "Mystery at Chances Hill" was updated and become a paperback.

In November 2022, both "Tree of Life" and "Christmas in the Blue Ridge, Saving Bethlehem" were put in print to become available in paperback.

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