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I'm MC Harrison

and I write for you


That's Tabarino, I'm holding in my arms. He was more like a puppy than a cat. Originally, my sister had named him,Tab Hunter, after the movie star. But when she asked us to adopt him, Tab got the nickname of Tabarino.

He was a smart little cat, who came when called. If strangers approached, mostly delivery men, he alerted us.

In big city environs, Tabarino even walked on a leash; however he preferred the farm, especially the stable which he often shared with our horses, Daisy and Belle.

Tabarino debuts "Tree of Life". He is the inspiration for the character, "Kit".

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Christmas in the Blue Ridge,
Saving Bethlehem
by MC Harrison

Christmas in the Blue Ridge 300 res.jpg



 'Twas the Christmas season and there was little joy in the Town of Bethlehem

   A perilous road trip, a chance meeting, an instant attraction set Holly Bennett's ordered life into a spin. Holly planned a weekend shopping trip to the Town of Bethlehem.  At the last moment, she decides to take Skeeter, her dog, along for companionship.


   After Holly and  Skeeter, arrive at Sweet Betsy from Pike, Bed and Breakfast, she meets a handsome pianist who helps her smuggle Skeeter upstairs to the room.  Before she learns his name, the piano man sparks her interest when he plays a love song, dedicated to her.

Available on Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and others

Five Star Reviews

From Review on Amazon UK

A feel good story, with romance, thrills, and lots of mystery. This book combines the warmth of Christmas in the countryside with a poignant love story, a mystery and a thriller. Author Geoffrey West

From Review on Amazon US
Great read, starts with a woman dumped (and she's happy about it) and goes for a drive with her adorable pup, Skeeter.
Author Claire O'Sullivan

From Review on Apple Books
Love this story. Cared about the protagonist right off the bat, because she was a written so well, and everyone else who is in her life.

DIY Princess Guide
by Molly Harrison

DIY Princess Guide.jpg
Maybe you already are one!

This Do It Yourself Guide contains 5 stories of girls who outgrew glittering crowns, magic wands, princess dresses, and silver slippers. Then, something wonderful happened. The girls came to realize that being a princess had nothing to do with a pot of gold, castle, fairy godmother, or even a prince.  
After all, as readers of fairy tales know, sooner or later all princesses lose their gold; fairy godmothers disappear; princes leave on a white horse; and castles become ruins.
The stories in this book show how girls from various ethnicities found their inner princess qualities.

As Lourdes grew older, things began to change.


"You're too old for all this 

princess stuff," her mother said as she

packed away the last remnant of the

princess-hood, The Sparkling Tiara.

DIY Princess Guide by Molly Harrison


Tree of Life

CopyrtCoverTreeofLife hires.jpg

From 5 Star Review of Tree of Life on Amazon: 

5.0 out of 5 stars What a gem!

Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2021

Verified Purchase

Wow, this was one of those 'it's got everything' in it - something for everyone, book. I had a tough time putting it down. At times it read like a forensics report (which I really like btw) and involved a lot of research into the past through genealogy and archeology. Enjoyable, relatable characters.
Murder and mystery surround Brooke's life, broken as it is. Loss, grief, death, betrayal, loss of faith, a mysterious man in the woods... A 200 yr old murder to solve. Unusual happenings...

MC Harrison's Tree of Life has it all, and I kept wanting more. Worth reading again.
Five Star read!


Five Star. Lively, interesting, full of warmth and happiness. 


Brooke seeks solitude at the forlorn estate, Thornwood Trace, but soon her peace is disturbed by secrets hidden for 200 years. 

Escaping from the heartache brought about by grief, deception, and betrayal, Brooke Davies moves to an estate on the outskirts of Greenport, Connecticut, only to discover that this move is not a geographical cure. She will need to work through her sense of loss and eventually rediscover faith in God. The process of healing is not peaceful, as she uncovers a sordid mystery involving the first owner of the estate, Doctor William Thornwood.

Amazon at

Mystery at Chances Hill
by Molly Harrison


From Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Not a teen, and still loved it.

Reviewed in the United States 

Verified Purchase

This is a perfect teen mystery and love story. There is some suspense, a little romance, and just enough family dynamics to make this relative to most teen's lives.

SYNOPSIS:  Ashley's holiday break takes another dive when her parents announce that the family must leave immediately for Ohio to arrange a funeral for Aunt Mae. Problems worsen before they get better. Blizzard conditions and a mysterious black dog cause an auto accident.

When Ashley discovers that her great aunt Mae's horse farm, Chances Hill, is being mismanaged by a scary caretaker, she decides to investigate. More nefarious dealings unfold but with the help of the handsome guy across the street she uncovers a plot to steal the family farm. While coping with these experiences, Ashley is awakened to true value of family and friends.

Skeeter Maghee Finds a Home
by Molly Harrison


From Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars So sweet but not cloying

Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2017

Verified Purchase

A delightful story for bedtime or for learning to read. The illustrations are wonderful too! I fell in love with Skeeter and the lovely folks who rescued him! US Review

UK Review

Beautiful Little Story about a  real puppy. Ideal storytelling material due to its rhyming format. A great bedtime read for a younger audience. Five Stars from stellar Twitter dog, Ruby Monster

SYNOPSIS: Lost and alone, Skeeter needs to find a home. 
This rhyming story tells of a lost puppy who races into the animal shelter in hopes of finding an owner. The lady behind the desk at the shelter becomes angry when Skeeter leaves muddy paw prints on the floor, walls, and her desk. As she tries to find a home for him, Skeeter blocks her attempts. He has already selected the lady at the shelter as his new owner. 

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